resident companies

plastic orchid factory is an artist-run, interdisciplinary organization that uses the body as a site for social commentary. We develop methodologies for creation that foster engagement, play, and exploration with artists from a diversity of backgrounds and practices. Through collaboration, performance and research, plastic orchid deftly probes connections between contemporary bodies and the social, political and technological landscapes that they inhabit.

Conceived in 2003 and established as a social profit society in 2008, plastic orchid factory seeks out, instigates and cultivates opportunities for artist-to-artist, interdisciplinary dialogue in both research and performative contexts. Over the past nine years, plastic orchid has collaboratively devised eleven short works and five evening-length, ensemble pieces that have been presented in both formal and unconventional spaces. This body of work has been supported by The Dance Centre, EDAM dance, Circuit-Est in Montréal, Opera Estate in Bassano Italy, Electric Company Theatre/Progress Lab 1422, The Vancouver East Cultural Centre and has been presented by The Firehall Arts Centre, Dancing on The Edge, The Vancouver International Dance Festival, 10 Gates Dancing/The National Arts Centre, The Vancouver Art Gallery, The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Boca del Lupo/ Micro Performance Series and The New Forms Festival.

Artistic Director, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg creates and performs kinetic theatrical expressions of the ever strange and wonderful human experience. Through exquisitely realized characters, crafted choreography, a healthy dose of comedy, and lashings of tragedy, Friedenberg works to reveal and connect.

TCP’s vision is to create works that speak to people on the levels of common human experience, our own comic-tragic behavior, and our lives in movement. The design of gesture, text, movement, and sound to draw lines between meanings is what Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg continuously strives to achieve in her work. This choreographic craft, derived from character and psychological landscapes, is the foundation for discovery, expression, and communication.

MACHiNENOiSY is a contemporary dance company with a mandate to create dance that is trans-disciplinary, collaborative, diverse, and socially relevant to audiences. The company has been actively creating and presenting dance since 2002, and became an incorporated non-profit in 2006. Artistic Directors Delia Brett & Daelik see the postmodern artistic discipline of Contact Improvisation and its auxiliary practices as an important method for the creation of dance. The work of MACHiNENOiSY crosses disciplines, genres, and generational boundaries. Our participants are of diverse ages and reflect the cultural, sexual and gender diversity of our contemporary society.  The company’s unique practice brings radically different disciplines such as film animation, fabric installation, and architecture (among others) into a collaborative dialogue that extends traditional notions of the body to include other-than-human materials as equal partners in the choreographic process. As Choreographers, we are skilled adaptors of method, always serving the specific conditions of each project. As Teachers, we teach a democratic form of dance, which promotes the inclusion of all bodies, races, genders and ages. As Mentors, we believe in supporting the next generation of dance artists.